Twiga (n) /twee-ga/

- Giraffe in Swahili


Nyeusi (adj) /n-ye-oo-see/



Nicknamed "Africa's gentle giant", the twiga is the tallest land animal with a neck as long as 6 feet tall. These beautiful mammals, well known for their unique pelage coat, use both semi-arid savanna and savannah woodlands for habitat in Africa. Being one of the most loved animals, the twiga symbolizes tranquility, grace and peace in Africa. Known for its unique look, it is a very fascinating animal; the little horns on their heads are not actually horns but are used to regulate body temperature. Another interesting fact is that female giraffes usually like to return to where they were born to give birth.


This Twiga carving is a great way to bring the “Safari elegance” into any home. With great dimension and variation in the finely sanded and varnished rosewood, it brings a warm earthy atmosphere while on display.


Handcrafted by Kaleli.


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  • Dimensions (L x W):

    85 x 15 cm

    33.5 x 6 inches



    Wood (Ebony)

    This product comes in the wood's natural colour (black with brown stains).


    Care Guide:

    Due to the sensitive nature of this type of wood, we recommend that you avoid placing this piece in areas of direct sunlight, or near areas of heavily fluctuating temperatures ie near open fire places & wall heaters/air conditioning units.


    Polish every 6 months with regular furniture polish for that shiny new look.