Ndovu (n) /n-doh-voo/

- Elephant in Swahili



Our Ndovu carving pays homage to the majestic African elephant called Ahmed, the Great Tusker. Now resting peacefully, his long white tusks, known to be the longest and heaviest pair in the continent (each weighing approximately 68kgs), not only made him a target for poachers in the 1970s and required government protection throughout its adult life.


By carving much smaller tusks on these pieces, the artists takes a stand against poaching by showcasing the beauty of the elephant as a whole, not only because of its tusks.


Handcrafted by David.


For full bio, visit Our Artists page.




    Dimensions (L x W):

    35.5 x 20 cm

    14 x 8 inches



    Wood (Neem)


    Care Guide:

    Due to the sensitive nature of this type of wood, we recommend that you avoid placing this piece in areas of direct sunlight, or near areas of heavily fluctuating temperatures ie near open fire places & wall heaters/air conditioning units.


    Polish every 6 months with regular furniture polish for that shiny new look.