Familia ya Samburu /fa-mi-lia/ ya /sah-m-boo-roo/

- ‘Samburu family’ in Swahili



Wood (Ebony)



The Samburu are a example of East Africa's very diverse culture; not of Bantu origin but of the Nilotic ethnic group, they are famously known for their semi-nomadic lifestyle. Just like the Masai tribe, they have stayed true to their century-old traditions to this day. They constantly migrate in search of greener pastures for their livestock, and many still live in huts constructed with mud, hide & grass. The sizes of their cattle symbolize their wealth and are highly protective of their herds from wild animals & cattle thieves.


Today, this tribe is under pressure from the government to settle more permanently but have heavily resisted since this new method of settling would disrupt their entire way of life.


Please note that these items are handmade & may vary slightly in facial structure.


Handcrafted by Jackson.


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  • Dimensions - taller head (L x W):

    27 x 7 cm

    10.5 x 2.75 inches

    Please note that the facial characters on each piece will vary.



    Wood (Ebony)


    Care Guide:

    Due to the sensitive nature of this type of wood, we recommend that you avoid placing this piece in areas of direct sunlight, or near areas of heavily fluctuating temperatures ie near open fire places & wall heaters/air conditioning units.


    Polish every 6 months with regular furniture polish for that shiny new look.