Kibuyu (n)/kee-boo-yoo/

- Gourd or Drum in the Swahili language


Mfupi (adj) /m-foo-pee/

- Short



The Kibuyu comes from the gourd (pumpkin-like) plant. Naturally, this plant has to fully mature before it is plucked and hollowed out to remove the internal contents. Within time, the original colour fades and the external structure hardens.



These gourds are widely used in rural African communities to preserve grains, milk & water, as well as making musical instruments.Today, these are used for home décor and due to their light brown appearance, can accentuate or introduce subtle earth tones into any home. The tribal artistry displayed on the external shell is carefully handcrafted, taking two whole days to complete just one.


Handcrafted by Mutunga.


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  • Dimensions - average size:

    30 x 30 cm

    11.8 x 11.8 inches





    Care Guide:

    Polish every 6 months with regular furniture polish for that shiny new look.