Oil Paintings

Connecting With the Culture of East Africa Through Amazing Artwork

Have you ever wanted to make a connection with a different culture in a fun and unique way? What are some of the options you have at your disposal to make such a connection? Surely one of those ways is to visit that other cultures and to try and integrate yourself within it. Another option is to take up the culture by purchasing goods, by really exploring what the culture and the arts of that culture have to offer. Within East Africa, you can do this with the artwork from the region. The oil paintings that are created by the artists there are second to none, unique, and amazing from inch to an inch.


African art is a type of star that talks about both modern as well as historical paintings. There are a variety of different types of African art and even the artists themselves will all put a unique spin on it as they go about making their own creations. For you as a consumer, it is a matter of taking a look at the oil paintings and seeing what connects with you as you try to get a window into a different culture from a different part of the world.


Nothing Like an Original Painting


There is nothing in the art world like original paintings. Original paintings mean that the artist created that with his or her own two hands. He or she took the time, did every single brush stroke to make sure that the painting was perfect and totally unique. When you have the opportunity to buy original paintings from East Africa you do not want to turn it down, as the chances do not come up often.


Our team at Bantu Africa understands the value of original paintings and what it means to get to experience the culture of East Africa through the brush strokes on the canvas. We work to seek out all of the top artists in the East Africa region. As we seek out these artists our goal is to help them make a connection with you as the consumer.


All Types of Paintings


One of the great things about the art that comes out of Africa is just how unique it is. There are some types of art that will depict the amazing nature that is available and all around the East Africa region. Think about the amazing animals that are there with giraffes, elephants, and more. Then you have other types of paintings that focus more on the individuals, taking a human and his or her appearance and depicting it in an amazing piece of art. Each of these types of paintings are different in their make-up and gives you various views into the culture.


Oil Painting vs. Knife Painting


Oil painting is popular in East Africa, but a different type of painting and technique that is complete to its own is that of a knife painting. Knife paintings by the artists of East Africa are unlike anything else you will see as the way that this unique approach to painting can depict a scene is amazing, awe-inspiring.


Handmade art is what it is all about and whether it is knife paintings, oil paintings, or anything else, we at Bantu Africa want to try to help match you up with the artists from the region. Work with us so that we can help you navigate the market and connect with these artists, for your own opportunity to buy original artwork at fair market value to help yourself, as well as these artists and the region alike connect.