I am an artisan. I only became an artist when people watch what I do. That is when it becomes art.

Nairobi Children's Rescue Centre (formerly known as Nairobi Children's Home) is the only public rescue centre in the country. Children who have been lost & never reclaimed, neglected by the parents at birth and orphans who have witnessed absolutely horrid events. The home has been neglected, there are 52 children under the age of 7 with only 1 full-time teacher, relying on volunteers to fulfil the rest for the tasks. With the government's lack of funding for the home, their needs are basic, yet very evident; they need teachers & counsellors, diapers, baby blankets, books & some love.
Here is how it works:
A $50 purchase or donation can provide
A $200 purchase provides a monthly wage for an additional teacher
A $100 purchase or donation provides professional counselling to children who are severely traumatised
A $300 goes into building of a green house to make the centre self sustainable with the sourcing of food
"Our gourds arrived safely & really stand out in our home, they are truly beautiful. We are in awe of the talents of these local people.
Amazing craftsmanship"
- Diane
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