Bantu, "The People", are the oldest & largest ethnic group in Africa. With their history tracing back thousands of years, these tribes are now spread across Central, Eastern & Southern Africa, and share an impressive 400 languages amongst them..
BANTU /ban.tu/
Our mission is to connect the world to Africa through beautiful art and captivating craftsmanship; showcasing years of mastery to enrich the lives of everyone we work with; our customers, our artisans, their families and their local communities.
We offer unique art & home decor accents inspired by the African safari experience.
100% hand crafted in East Africa.
For most of our products, we work with the largest hand crafting union in Kenya which has over 2,000 members, picking the finest craftsmen & women based on their innovation & unique expertise. We also go out into local markets and search for truly unique artists & artisans, featuring exceptional products encompassing Africa & its beauty.


The last decade has seen political unrest & devastating terrorist attacks ravage the tourism industry in Kenya, the largest service sector in East Africa's economy. For an industry that relies mostly on visitors from around the world, hand crafting has seen a 60% decline during the same periodWith employment opportunities already very limited in the country, we could not stand by & watch authentic century-old traditions slowly fade away. We want to revive a dying industry; empower the local communities through job creation & recognition of their unique skills.
(The Inception of Bantu Africa)
During a trip to Kenya in 2017, two things were very noticeable; the first was the pride of the deep-rooted African culture represented through bold, vibrant art & stunning craftsmanship. Unfortunately, what was also very clear was the lack of income for many of these wonderful people. As we dug deeper to find out more about their lives, we were shocked to hear that the hand crafting industry was in serious jeopardy. Many craftsmen cited the decline in the country's tourism & dwindling resources as the biggest reasons, with many fearing their livelihoods were in danger.
These local artisans needed to be empowered by their unique skill set, so that their families & communities could thrive!
And Bantu Africa was born.